• Encouraging

    more space

    more deep breaths

    more connection


    more JOY







    Taking the time to remember what feeds our soul

  • Our Why

    All three of us have been lucky enough to pursue our own unique dreams, passions, and search for purpose. It has led us down some funky but cool, individual paths, packed with life's unpredictable but persistent urge to keep us growing. This has both sucked (because life can be freaking hard) and been awesome (because life is pretty freaking beautiful too). It has also a led us to this very moment and, for that, we are grateful.


    We are pooling all of our individual talents and enthusiasm for what we love, to create something we crave.


    Three Trees Sway is all about providing thoughtfully designed retreats for real life women who are thirsty for the space and time to breathe deeper and allow themselves to be nourished.


  • Who we are

    We are three sisters. Three trees standing tall. Different to the naked eye. Yet, below the surface, drawing strength from our shared roots.

    When life's forces of nature come blowing their hardest, we will not fall down.

    Together, we sway.



    Rebecca is an adventurer and a seeker, a mom to 3 girls, a yoga teacher and a writer. She's also an advocate for underprivileged women. She loves bringing inspiration to people, and helping them connect with their best selves. She's brave.



    Liz is a dreamer and a healer. She's a mother of 5, a doula, yoga teacher, and essential oils wellness advocate. She loves being a caretaker, and creating beautiful spaces. She's a leader. She loves fiercely and she fights for the ones she loves.

    Mary Kate


    Mary Kate is an artist and photographer, and a mom to her boy Frankie. She's a traveler and a bread maker. She's got a gift and passion for creating experiences, whether its cooking for people she loves, or taking and designing beautiful portraits, she brings magic.

  • Our Next retreat

    Due to COVID-19, we have postponed our next retreat.

    We are figuring out ways to help you find all the nourishment of our retreats right in your own home.



    Three Trees Sway creates magical pockets of time, in a beautiful spaces, where you can come to exhale and be taken care of. Our weekend are carefully designed for any woman who simply needs a minute (or a couple of days) to come back home to herself. This is for the woman who is ready to soak up the gift that comes from slowing down, breathing deep, connecting with other women, and allowing herself to just be. Our retreats are meant to provide you a getaway from your everyday where you can remember what you already know.




    When you retreat with Three Trees Sway, you can be sure to find......


    • Elegant accommodations
    • Healthy, beautiful & nourishing meals
    • Multiple opportunities to practice Come As You Are Yoga as well as meditation
    • Farm to table vibrant meals and fresh baked goods
    • The chance to experience the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing powers of essential oils
    • Opportunities for outdoor experiences that will leave you feeling invigorated and alive
    • All the warm and cozy vibes we can bring 
    • An occasional impromptu dance party for anyone who is into that sort of thing :) 
    • Guidance in reflection with journal prompts and inspired conversation
    • Walking alongside other women who are there for the same sweet exhale
    • Professional photos for you to remember the special time shared 
    • Choice ~ This weekend is yours. We are providing the backdrop for your experience.  This is for & about YOU being able to rest easy and do what feels good
  • Testimonials



    My TTS retreat weekend came to me when I truly needed that time away the most. When I got to the house, I was surrounded by family, friends and strangers and after 72hrs I left with more than I Had ever imagined. The time spent with these women, learning and growing and talking was one of the most humbling and heartwarming experiences I never knew I always needed. The laughs, tears and all around ambiance is truly an experience we all need in our lives and I’m

    So grateful I got out of comfort zone and took the time for me.


    You couldn’t describe Three Trees Sway as anything short of magic. I arrived alone, late on a Friday night, to a room filled with beautiful strangers. I left, on a Sunday afternoon, with a group of friends I feel I share a special kinship with. Some of the ladies came with their people, some came alone, but all came with open hearts. That Friday night we got to know one another, the following Saturday we celebrated one another, and that Sunday we vowed to remain in touch- something we still stick to. Rebecca, Elizabeth, and MaryKate orchestrated the making of our friendships beautifully…with zero expectations, a great deal of support, and all the encouragement they could. Not only did they make the space we shared feel warm and cozy, cook amazing food, and teach awesome workshops, they also were there for anything and everything we needed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They nourished us. OH. AND. THE. FOOD. The food people. The food. Just the food. All the food. The best food. In addition to the food, the bread. The retreat I went to also included Bonnie, a bread baker from California, whom is one of the most special women I have had the honor to get to know. She, and her bread, can also be described as nothing short of magic. The friendship, the nourishment, the food, the bread, the sisters, the Bonnie- you need some of that in your life, even if you don’t know it yet.


    As women, it is sometimes so hard to admit that we need space, time, and connection. It weighs on us as heavy as our everyday. The guilt that sets in after we do the smallest things for ourselves. Until this retreat, I never realized how badly I needed time for myself. Time to unwind, connect, grow, move, and just be in the moment. And eat, God, the food!! That was a whole other experience that seemed separate and heavenly. I think all of our experiences were unique but so incredibly huge and forever changing. It took me so long to come down from my retreat high. I missed these amazing women that I really only knew for a short weekend. They suddenly became huge parts of our lives. I think overall, committing to taking that time to care for ourselves and feeling so safe and understood just felt so right Sharing this common ground that we ALL shared: that we all need and crave the same things was empowering and moving. I will forever treasure this retreat in my heart. The company, the food, the setting, the yoga, and the feelings. It was something I could only imagine in dreams. I can't thank you girls enough for making it possible.


    I don't have sisters. By blood anyways. I have my girls, like Jonelle and Meg, who have been my ride or dies for as long as I can remember (7yo to be exact)! This past Fall we took a retreat to simply spend time together. To talk, to laugh, to cry, to sweat, to eat, to drink, to sing, to dance. We got to know each other even more, and we thought we knew it all! We talked about family, our extended, & our own little ones we have no created as mothers. We needed that space to just *be* since sometimes it is hard to give yourself permission to just take that time for yourself, to sit & reflect, with no rigid schedule, and no expectations otherwise. Then, you meet other women who live somewhere else and have their own little families and sister-friends and busy lives and you realize - we are all so much more similar to each other than we are different. We all needed that time away, yet together. We all became a retreat family in that sort amount of time, by simply showing up just letting ourselves *be*. If only every weekend could be so magical. If you have a chance to retreat with Three Trees Sway then go. GO! Give yourself that gift. You deserve it, you need it. I am sad I can't go on this next retreat but I look forward to returning again one day & I keep all those memories and ladies in my heart.


    This retreat was the most fulfilling time I have had away in a while. To go there only knowing a few people and then leave with my heart extra full, is indescribable. I ate, cried, danced, sang and made new friends. It truly was an experience I will never forget. From the yoga to the bread baking, the soul filled talks and amazing candlelit dinner, The “Three Trees Sway” girls slayed it!! You will leave there wanting to go to each and every one they host. Literally. If you’re on the fence about going and can’t decide what to do, let me decide for you. GO, you won’t regret it. You deserve that time for yourself. I cannot wait to go again. And again, and again

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